In college, what do you study? We’re guessing you’ve heard of a case study if you’re a student of psychology, sociology, or anthropology. This method of research is used to investigate a specific person, group, or situation. You will learn how to write a case study professionally in this guide from our online custom essay writing service, from researching to properly citing sources. In addition, we will look at various types of case studies and provide examples so that you have no unanswered questions. A case study is a type of research design in which problems are investigated and solutions are proposed. Case studies can range from academic research studies to corporate promotional tools attempting to sell an idea—the scope of their application is quite broad.

What’s the Distinction Between a Research Paper and a Case Study?

Case studies go even further than writing research papers in directing the reader’s attention to a specific problem. Case study guidelines necessitate that students pay close attention to details while investigating issues in-depth and using a variety of research methods. Case studies, for example, may be used to examine court cases in Law or a patient’s medical history in Medicine.

Case studies often involve a lot of storytelling; they usually look at specific cases for a person or group of people. This research method is extremely beneficial because it is extremely practical and can provide a wealth of hands-on information. Case studies are typically 500-900 words long, which is significantly less than the length of a typical research paper.

A case study’s structure is similar to that of a story. It has a protagonist or main character, who in your case is a problem you’re attempting to solve. In your story, you can apply the three-act structure. It should include an introduction, rising action, a climax in which transformation occurs, falling action, and a solution.

Best Format for Case Study

The case study format typically consists of eight sections:

  • Synopsis. Describe the case study’s focus. Make an overview of the field you’re studying. In a maximum of two sentences, formulate a thesis statement and summarize the findings of your observation.
  • Background. Give context and the most important facts. Make a list of the problems.
  • Case Study. Separate the parts of the study that you want to concentrate on. Explain why something is or isn’t working in it.
  • Solutions that have been suggested. Provide realistic solutions to what isn’t working or suggestions for how to improve its current state. Provide testable evidence to explain why these solutions work.
  • Conclusion. Summarize the key points from the case evaluations and solutions proposed. Sixth. Recommendations. Discuss the strategy you should employ. Explain why this option is the best one.
  • Implementation. Explain how to implement the strategy.
  • References. Please provide all citations.

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Case Study Types we can help with

In the social sciences, Frederic Le Play pioneered the use of case studies in 1829. Case studies are now widely used in fields such as law and management. The three major disciplines in which most students require case study assistance are:

  • Law Case Study
    Disputes between two legal entities necessitate the use of legal knowledge. Legal case studies put a student’s legal knowledge to the test.
  • Nursing Case Study
    Nursing case studies on specific diseases such as COPD, Type II diabetes, and pneumonia include patient problem, pathophysiology (disease explanation), patient history, nursing physical assessment, related treatment, nursing care plan, nursing diagnosis and patient goal, nursing intervention, evaluation, and recommendations.
  • Management Case Study
    A legal case is a disagreement between two opposing parties that necessitates the legal intervention of a court of law. A legal case study is a true or fictional account of a legal case that necessitates the application of any of the following areas of law. In a legal case study, two parties are involved: the plaintiff who files a complaint and the defendant who seeks legal redress.
  • Historical case studies are excellent resources for learning. Historical events have a plethora of source information from which to draw different conclusions. There are always modern parallels where these points of view can be applied, compared, and thoroughly examined.
  • Case studies that are problem-oriented are typically used to solve problems. These are frequently assigned as theoretical situations in which you must immerse yourself in order to examine it. Assume you work for a startup and you’ve just discovered a significant flaw in the design of your product. Before presenting it to a senior manager, you should thoroughly investigate the problem and propose solutions. On a larger scale, problem-oriented case studies are an essential component of pertinent socio-economic discussions.
  • Cumulative case studies gather data and provide comparisons. Case studies are frequently used in business to demonstrate the worth of a product.

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All in all…

If you’ve made it this far, it’s possible that the blog has piqued your interest. So, if you follow the guidelines, you should be able to easily create a case study analysis and get good grades. However, if you have any doubts, please contact our academic writing experts, who will do their best to solve your problems. You should also consult your professor to ensure that you have understood everything correctly and that you have not made any mistakes. Additionally, consider reviewing your work before submitting it, as a minor error could derail your entire thesis.

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