Assignment 1 Additional Information:

1.Link to PESTEL Analysis is useful –could use a SWOT instead –but the key purpose of the PESTEL is to provide you with an analysis of forces acting on your organisation. I suggest you discuss each element and how it impacts on your organisation –AND therefore how this impacts on labour demand issues. PESTEL is: Political –Economic –Social –Technological –Environmental –Legal

2.Workforce Planning Toolkit is also very useful to develop a framework.

3.VUCA–this is not compulsory –but the VUCA model can be used to explain the overall context and may be useful for thinking about your analysis. Who would have predicted COVID –19 a month ago?

Assignment 1 Structure (use as headings)

1.Introduction – One brief paragraph telling me what is coming and what context is relevant (ie the business and its business context –keep it brief –the rest of the assignment will fill in the important bits).

2.Labour Demand Factors (40% weighting). Must use key concepts from unit material to outline these issues.

3.Labour Supply Factors (40% weighting).Must use key concepts from unit material to outline these issues.

4.Data Sources to Undertake Analysis (20% weighting). Be explicit. Exit surveys? Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data?; Human Resource Information System (HRIMS)?; You must be explicit –discuss the key sources and how you use them

5.Conclusion–One brief paragraph concluding your analysis

6.Reference List –(separate page after body of assignment -I would expect 5 to 6 references listed –see the resources on APA and ACE in your Assessment Block

7.Appendices. This follows Reference List and may include organisation charts or other graphical material that would distract in the assignment body


When constructing arguments try to follow the ACE model which has been adopted by other unit coordinators and has also generated very positive feedback from students claiming it has helped develop their writing skills.

  • A = Argument–here you make a statement or argument -“QANTAS is recognised by industry as an organisation that manages its labor turnover very successfully according to Smith (2014)”.
  • C = Concept-Now support your argument with a link to a relevant unit concept (and don’t forget to cite) -“This is reflected in their use of labor turnover analyses and probability forecasts according to Nankervis et. al., (2008, p.132)”.
  • E = Example –Now complete the argument with an illustration showing the link between your learning and an actual example -“This is shown by their labor turnover cost reductions in 2011 and 2012 of over 13% as indicated in their 2013 Annual Report (QANTAS, 2013)”.



Community Assessment Teaching Project Paper

Community Assessment Teaching Project Paper

Following the collection of several data in Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida, an intervention plan is in order to address several issues that face the area. Data on the population, social determinants such as housing and infrastructure, physical determinants of health in the area as well as policy-making aspects helps bring about the intervention that is much needed in promoting the general healthcare of the community. The response was mainly fueled by the high crime rates in the area as well as low income earning cases. The high death rates as a result of cancer and heart disease provided incentives for the plan as well. The intervention plan will help deliver primary duties and affordable health care services to the community at large with reduced costs. Some of the top issues identified in the county included poverty levels, crime, cancer cases as well as diabetes cases, and lastly, health disparities. There is a need to address these issues in order to ensure that public health standards are upheld and promoted to everyone in the community. Addressing these areas will ensure that priorities are set that will help formulate health-related interventions and design good health care education campaigns for disease prevention. It will also help provide health care services to vulnerable populations at cheaper costs (Colla et. Al., 2017).

Proposed Intervention

The proposed intervention is one aimed at addressing three main areas, namely health insurance, crime rates, and the high poverty levels. This intervention will deal with the first level of prevention, which will aim at improving the general health of the population (Brown, 2017). The first two items to deal with in Lee county is the high crime rates and the poverty cases.

Crime. The county government needs to employ more security personnel to combat crime in the community. There is a need for the county to create more jobs for its youths. The increased crime rates lead to the depressed economy, and this hinders the proper allocation and distribution of healthcare equipment and facilities. According to Rader, Rogers, and Cossman, 2020, high crime rates reduce the working population or can cause injuries, which lead to adverse health effects addressing crimes in a community that will surely increase the well being of the whole community. Some of the best ways to reduce the crime rates are to create more jobs for the youth, provide proper diversions such as recreational facilities and libraries as well as employing more police officers to deter the criminal activities.

General healthcare: The intervention will seek to equip hospitals and nursing homes. The equipment will help deal with cancer patients and help in taking care of older patients with terminal illnesses in the community. An estimated $20 million would be appropriate in the purchase of equipment for various hospitals. It will also seek to reduce the costs of treatment for cancer patients, which will make it affordable to seek treatment. This will ensure that fewer deaths are registered in the county and state.

Poverty. According to the data collected, a majority of the workers, 42.2%, in the county earned less than $15,000 per year. This means that they can not afford to sustain their day to day livelihoods and afford to pay for other necessities such as life insurance. Advocacy with the county’s remuneration committee should shed light on the importance of increasing the minimum wage to enable them to find affordable healthcare. This will ensure that there is improved healthcare for all people.


Resources required

One of the major stakeholders to help in making the intervention successful is the Florida Department of Law enforcement. They will provide recruitment for additional police officers from the lee county. Five hundred new law enforcement would be a proper addition in combatting crime in the area. This would also help in providing more employment to the citizens of the county. This would require a budget of about $50,000 per officer per year. Another vital stakeholder would include private employers such as Publix supermarkets. They can offer incentives for the employees to be able to seek medical covers more efficiently. The minimum wage should also be increased to facilitate proper access of services and healthcare. The state government can put up an state of art library that would help youths keep themselves busy and avoid criminal activities. Hospitals need a substantial amount of investment in stocking cancer treatment machines and

Implementation plan

The intervention would take place within one year. This means that after one year, we will be able to measure the outcome and compare the results with the previous years’ data. The first evaluation criteria would be the crime rate. The crime rate is one of the best indicators of a sound economy, which in turn translates into proper community health provision. Another indicator that would be measured at the end of the intervention would be the number of employees in the county that had medical covers as compared to those who did not have in the previous years. The number of cancer patients and deaths in the year will also be used to measure the levels of healthcare in the county and state. Lastly, the minimum wage would also be a good indicator of the healthcare standards of the people of Lee County.

Reflection on individual learning

This intervention will help me in further understanding public nursing and how best to deliver healthcare services to communities. It will also help grow the critical aspect of serving the public and providing a caring aspect at all costs. This intervention will also help me understand how to bring together various aspects of society to bring about a balanced ecosystem where proper healthcare can thrive.


Brown, J. (2017). Public health, prevention and risk management. In Contemporary Sex Offender Risk Management, Volume I (pp. 35-60). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Colla, C. H., Mainor, A. J., Hargreaves, C., Sequist, T., & Morden, N. (2017). Interventions aimed at reducing use of low-value health services: a systematic review. Medical Care Research and Review74(5), 507-550.

Rader, N. E., Rogers, S. A., & Cossman, J. S. (2020). Physical health, mental health, and fear of crime among college students: a consideration of sex differences. Violence against women26(1), 3-23.

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