Writing an argumentative essay is a method for showing the validity of an argument and, as a result, turning theory into fact. If the writer has spent time establishing their argument, it is frequently obvious to the reader. Writers with experience develop their own unique set of guidelines to ensure the clearest possible communication. The supporting evidence of an argument is crucial to establishing its credibility. It’s possible that uncomplicated solutions are the best choice for simple problems. When discussing contentious topics, it is in your best interest to use a wide variety of sources as evidence to back up your claims.

What Exactly Is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a sort of academic work that presents arguments (claims) on both sides of a given topic from the perspective of the author. It’s possible that neither team is overpowering the other, but it’s also possible that one is. The writer’s attitude toward the matter being examined is a significant factor in determining the overall tone of the article.

The fundamental goal of writing an argumentative paper is to present a case to the audience in such a way that they are persuaded to alter their beliefs if they currently hold a viewpoint that is contrary to the writer’s perspective. The purpose of this is to provide a comprehensive view.

The following three models of argumentative writing are typically highlighted by experts:

Toulmin model.
In order to properly organize this paper, you will need to begin with an introduction that includes a thesis statement, then proceed to include some background information that is backed by the evidence gathered from various sources. A writer is going to have to make a list of the rebuttals and the justifications that support the main argument.

Rogerian model.
This form of argumentative paper, in contrast to the one that came before it, demands the student to weigh both possibilities, list the pros and disadvantages of each, and then provide some piece of advice after doing an in-depth evaluation.

Classical model.
The author is obligated to first describe the problem, then present a personal solution to the problem, and then make an effort to convince the audience that this particular answer is the best option. The goal here is to pique the interest of the readers in the matter that has been suggested.

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A Guide to Choosing Solid Subjects for Your Argumentative Essay.

As long as you take care to adhere to a few fundamental guidelines, it won’t be as difficult as locating a needle in a haystack to come up with appropriate ideas for an argumentative essay.

There is a wide variety of prejudice that can be found in argumentative essay themes that are controversial. They frequently do so with the purpose, albeit unconsciously, of proving facts that were previously presumed. When writing a coursework essay, it is always important to have a solid understanding of both sides of the argument. You could do well to choose a subject that is uncontroversial and about which you have little passion.

When picking up topics for discussion in your work, here are some fundamental guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Consider topics that are of particular interest to you. Ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the topic that has been selected. Are you able to give your view on the matter?
  • Keep up with the most recent trends. Simply enter some keywords into the search area on Google Trends to find out what topics closely linked to your topic are currently receiving a lot of attention.
  • Verify that you have access to both main and secondary sources. Explore the internet to determine whether or not you will be able to find sufficient reputable sources to include in your work.
  • Steer clear of topics that have a broad or general emphasis. Because the research paper is restricted in either the number of words or the number of pages, the topic should be limited and particular.
  • Steer clear of topics that are likely to elicit strong feelings. Writing an argumentative piece requires you to maintain your composure and objectivity when making assessments.
  • Take into account the intended demographic. Consider the individuals that you wish to interact with. If you presented your point of view to them, would they agree with it, or would it spark a debate?
  • The final list of ideas was generated through brainstorming. Discuss the complete list of the issues that could be discussed. Choose the proposition (see how to write a research proposal) that the vast majority of people will support.
  • Take a risk. Choosing to write about a contentious topic comes with its share of challenges, but a student who successfully defends an opinion they hold will earn the best score.
  • Consider the wisdom gained from your experience. How well-versed are you in the subject matter? Do you have any experiences that are pertinent to share with us?

Argumentative essay topics that are simple.

There are a variety of subjects that are regularly the subject of conversation and argument. It is not unusual for the majority of them to be barred from school due to the fact that they are cliche. Make an effort to persuade your instructor to let you handle the assignment if you are confident that you can provide some novel perspectives to the table about the subject.

  • Should People Be Allowed to Own Guns?
  • Should Marijuana Be Legal?
  • Should Women Be Allowed to Have Abortions?
  • Should Gay Marriage Be Allowed in the Country?
  • Should “They” Reduce the Age Limit for Drinking?

Middle School.

In order to prepare students for the degree of writing required at the high school level, teachers involve middle school students in discussions. These argumentative essay themes for middle school students frequently center on the question of whether or not school rules and alternative curriculums are fair.

  • Should Students Be Required to Comply with Dress Codes?
  • Should Teachers Delegate Less Homework to Their Students?
  • Is Attending Music Class Really Required?
  • Real schools Vs learning at home
  • How Important Is It to Learn About the Arts?

Secondary school.

Writing argumentative essays in high school can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the academic experience since they teach students to consider all sides of an issue. The following are some typical subjects for argumentative essays written in high school.

  • Should Drug Testing Be Performed on High School Students?
  • Classical literature that contains offensive language should be banned from school classrooms.
  • What do you consider to be the single best invention ever made?
  • Should What You Wear Be Used to Define Who You Are?
  • Should Students Be Required to Take Sexuality Classes in School?

Argumentative Essay Subjects for College Students to Consider.

Did you know that President Barack Obama didn’t finish paying off his college loans until he was in his second year in office? More than ever before, the value of degrees earned at higher education institutions is being called into doubt. Argumentative essay themes for college students necessitate paying close attention to the particulars of modern life.

  • When Does Going All Out With Your Halloween Costume Become Too Much?
  • Should Businesses Obtain Users’ Personally Identifiable Information?
  • When does humor cross the line into being too extreme or offensive?
  • What Does It Say About Society That There Is a Scandal Involving College Admissions?
  • What Percentage of ‘Black Mirror’ Have We Reached?
  • Opinions on Whether or Not College Students Should Be Allowed to Carry Firearms Vary.
  • Is There Enough Being Done in Schools to Tackle the Problem of Cyberbullying?
  • Should Editorials Be Submitted For Review Before a School Newspaper Is Published?
  • Are Students Given Opportunities to Explore Their Creativity in School?
  • Is it Unethical to Study While Taking Adderall?
  • Does Everyone Need a College Degree Now That Everyone Has Internet?
  • Is It Accurate to Judgment the Potential of a Student-Based on Their SAT Score?
  • Are There Any Colleges That Are Considered to Be Overrated Due to Their Historical Significance?
  • Should the Price of College Vary According to the Degree Earn?
  • Should College Admissions Officers Read the Social Media Pages of Students Who Want to Enroll?

The following is a list of categories for argumentative essay topics.

Below, you can find a collection of subjects derived from many branches of study. Feel free to write about any of the topics on the list; even better, use this list as a springboard to select a subject that interests you and write about that. If you require additional direction, we have hundreds of essay writers available online who are prepared to assist you.

Social Media.

Some people feel that social media is an essential part of their day-to-day lives, while others battle with procrastination as a direct result of their use of social media. It is arguable that it has had an impact on important political decisions, and it has elevated the study of social media to a position where it is crucial and relevant.

  • Do People Become More Narcissistic After Using Instagram?
  • Why Is It Illegal to Post Images of Women’s Nipples on Social Media?
  • Is It Dangerous to Believe Fake News?
  • Should Students Be Required to Use Social Media While Learning?
  • What Types of Anti-Bullying Measures Should Social Media Networks Implement?
  • Is Using Social Media While Remaining Anonymous Dangerous?
  • Is It Necessary to Use Correct Punctuation When Posting on Social Media?
  • Should Social Media Users Be Paid to Provide Personal Information in Exchange for Privacy?
  • Should Customers Be Fired From Companies for Their Inappropriate Behavior on Social Media?
  • Should Facebook Have a Button That Allows Users to Express Their Disapproval?

TV, Movies, Video Games.

The content that Hollywood produces is massive. It should come as no surprise that a lot of it does not go through rigorous testing before being released. Students as a direct consequence of this begin to question the industry’s promotion of damaging stereotypes. You’ll find a wide variety of fresh ideas for essays right here.

  • Is There a Romanticization of Sexual Harassment in Hollywood Movies?
  • Is the Diversity of the United States Captured in American Television?
  • Should Competitive Online Gaming Be Classified as a Sport?
  • Is There a Link Between Violent Video Games and Increased Aggression in Children?
  • Is the Gaming Industry Male-Dominated?
  • What Are the Elements of a Good Animated Children’s Show?
  • Do Films Produced in Hollywood Promote a Particular Set of Values?
  • Are Effective Commercials Capable of Being Classified as Works of Art?
  • Why Are There So Few Women Working in the Film Industry?

Art, Artifice, and Musical Expression

Is music now merely a kind of entertainment because of the rise of digital technology? There is a lot of potential for debate within the realm of music argumentative essay topics. They raise questions of authenticity, which are relevant not only to the areas of literature and art but also to those fields.

  • The fact that modern pop music is repetitive begs the question: Does This Make It Good or Bad?
  • When it comes to musical compositions, at what point does “borrowing” become “stealing”?
  • Should Explicit Language in Classic Literature Be Filtered the Same Way as Explicit Language in Popular Song Lyrics?
  • Should Banksy Be Considered an Artist? /
  • Do We Still Need Libraries in This Digital Age?
  • Should we consider rap to be music?
  • Is Graffiti An Art?
  • Is It Appropriate to Exhibit Art in Public Locations?
  • Should Aspiring Artists Receive Support from Society?
  • Is Modern Art Timeless?
  • Are the Paintings of Mark Rothko Worth What They Cost?

Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Health

Avoiding sugary foods and booze can make you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot more than you would have otherwise. A healthy lifestyle can be a source of immense pride for many individuals. This trend is being capitalized on by online health blogs and web businesses; therefore, let’s have a look at some argumentative essay themes related to health care.

  • Are Commercials Urging People Not to Smoke Effective or Do They Go Too Far?
  • Should College Students Be Held Accountable for Their Drinking Habits?
  • Is the Legal Drinking Age of 21 Appropriate?
  • Should the Government Conduct a Comprehensive Review of the Nutritional Guidelines and Menu Compositions for School Feeding Programs?
  • Do Models Have Abnormally Thin Figures?
  • Should Sugar Be Regulated by the Government in Products Containing Sugar?

Science and engineering.

Exploration of space has traditionally been the driving force behind great advances in technology. Did you know that the Moon Landing programs were also responsible for the invention of velcro and microwaves? The following are some argumentative essay themes that are important to day-to-day living that pertain to science and technology.

  • Is the Concept of Human Chipping a Ridiculous One?
  • In what degree should we be concerned about the changing climate?
  • Should it be Illegal for Countries Around the World to Construct New Nuclear Weapons?
  • Is It Unethical to Attempt to Slow the Aging Process Through Science?
  • When Is It Acceptable to Manipulate Human Bodies Through the Use of Technology?


The use of animals in research has resulted in many advances being made in fields like medicine and cosmetics. On the other hand, the morality of this approach is frequently called into question. Argumentative essays on animals and their rights frequently touch on a variety of moral dilemmas.

  • Questions of an Ethical Nature Regarding Animals That Have Been Genetically Engineered
  • Should Concerns About the Rights of Animals Also Be Raised for Insects?
  • Should Animal Zoos Be Developed Further or Be Banned Completely?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of making it illegal to employ animals in shows like circuses.
  • Are Safari Parks a More Engaging Experience Than Zoos?
  • Questions of right and wrong are raised by the use of technology to modify animals or insects.


If you’re serious about maintaining your equilibrium in this crazy world, learning how to argue persuasively in writing and in person is one of the most important skills you can acquire. Poverty, democracy, infrastructure, and even matters of foreign policy are among the topics that receive the most attention in this discipline. Investigating various immigration-related argumentative essay themes is especially pertinent in light of the current political climate.

  • What Obligations Do Nations Have Towards Their Veterans?
  • What Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Do Political Leaders Have?
  • Should We Make Changes to the Way Voting Works in the United States?
  • Should Wealthy People Be Required to Pay Higher Taxes?
  • Should Women Be Able to Work Outside the Home?
  • When it comes to the refugee crisis, what are the responsibilities of global leaders?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics.

Because the purpose of the activity is to practice writing arguments that persuade others, it is not necessary to write about something enjoyable. However, some of these subjects, let’s be honest here, can be really uninteresting to investigate. A remedy to this problem would be to choose a topic that is on the verge of becoming humorous in order to perk up the disposition of your readers or audience. The following are some humorous suggestions for argumentative essay themes that are sure to pique the interest of your readers.

  • How a Typical American Family Can Be Illustrated Using “The Simpsons”
  • Do Superheroes Have a Place in This World?
  • Why do people seem to be obsessed with videos of funny cats?
  • Who Would Come Out on Top in a Fight Between Iron Man and Batman?

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